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Nurturing Leaders

Leaders, especially our managers have a significant impact on engagement. New leadership development programs are now available to enable our managers to nurture their teams to be inclusive and where staff can thrive and do their best work. 

New Manager Foundations Program

Manager Foundations is an innovative five-day program for new managers, helping equip them with clear expectations of their roles, along with tools and training to support and engage their teams.

200+Managers will participate in the Fiscal Year 2020 launch

  • In Fiscal Year 2019, the program was piloted with 28 managers and five mentors.
  • The ultimate goal is for every new manager to attend this program, gaining foundational skills to lead an efficient and building relationships in support of Northwestern's mission and culture.
  • Mentoring is embedded in the program. Broader mentoring options to be designed and piloted in Fiscal Year 2020. 

Learn MORE about Manager Foundations

A variety of other workshops to prepare managers to lead staff are also available. Explore topics such as delegation, resolving workplace conflict, project management, design thinking, and many more in myHR Learn.

Many staff are managed by faculty members. In FY19, Managing and Developing Staff was introduced as a new module in the development program for new faculty chairs and directors leading staff.